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Our expertise gives us an edge in sourcing, which enables us to increase our client's profitability & market reputation.
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Fahami Group of Industries Limited is a 100% export oriented company consist of knitting, dyeing, finishing and production unit. It started commercial operation in 1993 with only 70 machines and a simple strategic vision to be one of the leading garment industries in Bangladesh. Today we have 3000 machines, 49 production lines in 600,000 sft factory space with 5000 employees producing 500,000 pcs garment per month and an annual turnover of 30,000,000 US dollars. We strive for quality. We aim to strengthen Bangladesh’s position in the global market and we are proud of our contribution to the country’s socio-economic development. Starting with only 70 machines, we now have emerged into Fahami Group Ltd which includes Fahami Industries Limited, Fahami Knitwear Limited, Fahami Shirts Limited, Fahami Dresses Limited, Fahami Apparels Limited, Fahami Trousers Limited, Fahami Embroidery Limited and a quality unique in Bangladesh.
Fahami Washing Plant Limited is run and managed by highly skilled, qualified, competent technical experts and managers. An efficient managerial team regulate the operation of the project through policy formulation, periodic monitoring of progress, performance and exercising everyday process control ensuring the quality we strive for. That is why we are a name of quality, of succes.
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